Estonian interior minister announces resignation for health reasons

20.11.2018, 5:03

Estonia’s Interior Minister Andres Anvelt announced on Tuesday that he is resigning as minister for reasons of health and will not run in the Riigikogu elections next spring.

Ratas: I do not know what Pro Patria will decide

20.11.2018, 12:55

You decided to saddle the Riigikogu with the decision concerning the UN migration pact. Why?

Center and SDE trying to outmaneuver Pro Patria

20.11.2018, 11:52

While heads of the three coalition parties told journalists they had not found a solution after more than four hours of deliberations on Sunday, there was a plan. It had allegedly been hatched already on Saturday. True, it was not a common plan as it sees...

People afraid of populists instead of refugees

19.11.2018, 5:04

During a time when parties are gearing up for election campaigns and general hysteria has become a mainstay of public utterances, Postimees decided to find out what Estonians really fear.

Estonian PM acknowledges govt crisis, Reinsalu not to resign

16.11.2018, 4:38

Estonian Prime Minister on Friday acknowledged a crisis in the government coalition.

Anvelt on police’s labor crisis: nothing more to do

16.11.2018, 11:59

Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt (SDE) is not panicking over the police’s looming labor crisis and avoids referring to the situation as such. He also does not believe the ministry has left anything undone.

Bust: government falls into a coma

16.11.2018, 9:52

Chairman of the Social Democrat Party (SDE) Jevgeni Ossinovski said in late January that the government is done making fundamental decisions and development has been put on hold. It now turns out that the government’s health has deteriorated further, and a...

Support for Estonia 200 approaching that of SDE

15.11.2018, 12:10

Support for Estonia 200, a newly established political party in the process of being registered, rose well over the election threshold in November and is approaching the rating of the Social Democratic Party (SDE) which has lost popularity, a survey...

Period of rapid growth over

15.11.2018, 12:05

Employment is neither growing nor dwindling in Estonia due to labor shortage that in turn suggests peak growth is in the past. East Viru County still has the most room for new jobs.

Light in the dark led to capture of car thieves

15.11.2018, 12:02

Resident of Tartu’s Tammelinn borough Märt Vagur was the last member of his family to still be up at 2.30 yesterday morning when a flash of light in his backyard drew his attention to a group of men who appeared to be trying to steal the family’s BMW SUV....

Ratas: State budget requires broad-based review

14.11.2018, 3:04

Estonian Prime Minister and Center Party leader Jüri Ratas said that the state budget requires a broad-based review of income and expenses.

It’s like we don’t want to understand

14.11.2018, 3:00

It is difficult to realize major business projects and lure investments to Estonia as common or political arguments of why not to go ahead with them can always be found and local governments are not interested in attracting investments, businessman and...

Tallinn planning joint city government building

13.11.2018, 1:34

The city of Tallinn has set its sights on selling all its current office buildings and having a brand new complex built for 800 jobs of the city in the area of the Linnahall arena and the passenger port for €76 million. First, the desired plot needs to be...

UN migration mine explodes

13.11.2018, 1:32

Approving the UN Global Compact for Migration preparations for which span over two years was supposed to be a routine process similar to dozens of other nonbinding UN documents. Despite two years of political work and public coverage, the topic only exploded...

President will not go to UN meeting in Marrakesh without unanimity in govt

12.11.2018, 1:02

President Kersti Kaljulaid has said that she will not go to the United Nations meeting in Marrakesh, Morocco next month unless the government achieves unanimity on the UN Global Compact on migration.

Vaher: police on the precipice of crisis

12.11.2018, 12:58

Rampant domestic violence, increasingly common cybercrime and preparations for a crime wave associated with migration. These are the challenges awaiting Estonian police on its one hundredth anniversary today. All in a situation where every fourth officer might...

Estonian carrier Nordica to close three regular routes from Tallinn

09.11.2018, 4:43

Nordic Aviation Group AS, the national airline of Estonia operating under the Nordica brand, decided on Thursday to close three regular routes departing from Tallinn and is planning to lay off nine of its commercial unit staff.

Est-For puts pulp mill project on hold

09.11.2018, 4:39

Est-For Invest, the company that has been planning to establish a new large pulp mill in Estonia, said on Thursday that following the decision of the government to terminate the national designated spatial plan for the pulp mill they will discontinue the...

Examiner: everyone accepted bribes

08.11.2018, 11:42

Statements given to the police suggest that bribery cases in the Road Administration that ended up in court and were covered by the media were likely just the tip of the iceberg: criminal schemes went on for around a decade and bank accounts of examiners saw...

Company polluting Gulf of Tallinn despite fines

07.11.2018, 1:05

There is a popular swimming spot on the Paljassaare peninsula in Tallinn. Pikakari beach, located next to a Natura2000 area.

Šmigun: I met with both Ratas and Kallas many times

07.11.2018, 1:03

Former top cross-country skier Kristina Šmigun-Vähi, who joined the Reform Party last night, says that she will participate in Riigikogu elections as an ordinary Estonian mother who wants to tackle child welfare and education issues.

Kelly Sildaru after younger brother and double somersault

06.11.2018, 2:38

“We are comparing and competing with each other every step of the way. I used to be better at everything, but now… He is,” one of the world’s leading freestyle skiers Kelly Sildaru (16) says on practice sessions with her brother Henry (12).

New political party Estonia 200 to take part in parliamentary elections with full list

05.11.2018, 7:37

The Estonia 200 political movement decided to become a political party and take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections with a full list at a general meeting on Saturday.

Minister to tackle unnecessary ER visits with a campaign

05.11.2018, 7:34

Uneven quality and availability of family medical care, long treatment queues in specialist medical care, poor IT solutions and modest awareness of patients – the same mantra is repeated whenever the healthcare system comes up. To see how problems reflect in...

Many parents still justify physical punishment

02.11.2018, 5:35

Even though parents of Estonian children say they use encouragement as the main form of disciplining their children (98 percent), 42 percent of adults still consider physical punishments to be warranted in certain situations.

Board of the Riigikogu to weigh expenses benefits

02.11.2018, 5:31

Deputy chairmen of the parliament Enn Eesmaa (Center Party) and Kalle Laanet (Reform Party) would abolish MPs’ expenses benefits and hike representatives’ salary instead. Chairman of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor (Social Democrat Party) recommends a critical...

NO99 theater to close shop

01.11.2018, 3:24

The creative company of the Theater NO99 sent out an address late yesterday morning, according to which the troupe has decided to close the theater from January next year. NO99 will perform its play “NO30. Kihnu Jõnn” three more times in Tallinn next week...

Most ER patients do not need emergency care

01.11.2018, 2:21

People turned to the emergency rooms of Estonian hospitals a total of 462,000 times last year. Only 5 percent of ER patients had life-threatening conditions, while most – 57 percent – did not need emergency medical assistance, a recent National Audit...

Child mobility gets a D-

31.10.2018, 12:15

That children no longer play outside is not a perceived myth but a fact, an analysis by University of Tartu (UT) researchers found: if Estonia gets a D- in terms of general child mobility, active outdoor playtime is only good enough for an F.

Race for finishing solar plants

30.10.2018, 11:57

Major producers seeking to enter the solar energy market will lose renewable energy support from next year which is causing developers to race to finish solar plants.

State reformers would cut number of officials in half

30.10.2018, 11:53

The State Reform Foundation would cut the number of public servants in half and leave the government with ten ministers. The prime minister would be given highest independent power and designated as the chief strategist. Proposals made public yesterday do not...

Family doctors’ choice: which law to break

29.10.2018, 5:38

Every day, around 30 people call the Estonian Health Board to report that Tallinn family doctors cannot accept them into their practice lists even though the latter are not full. Family physicians claim that working extensive practice lists endangers quality...

Helme spends expenses benefits on Facebook

26.10.2018, 5:57

Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Riigikogu group chair Martin Helme has paid to boost his social media presence and used Riigikogu expenses benefits to pay for highlighting posts, a recent Riigikogu Chancellery document reveals. Postimees wrote earlier in...

Randjärv: the money aspect has been engineered

25.10.2018, 1:01

Laine Randjärv, how unexpected was the decision you will not become the head of Estonian Concert?

Randjärv loses Estonian Concert job

25.10.2018, 12:58

The council of the Estonian Concert Foundation decided yesterday not to sign a contract with Reform Party MP Laine Randjärv who had previously been unanimously chosen as the foundation’s new director.

Turkish authorities claim Estonia harboring terrorists

24.10.2018, 5:46

Estonia is harboring terrorists from Turkey, chairman of the Turkish parliament’s foreign relations committee Volkan Bozkir says in an interview.

Foundation unveils first 25 proposals

23.10.2018, 12:33

The State Reform Foundation, created by 28 Estonian businessmen, has presented 25 initial proposals for reforming Estonian statehood. The foundation plans to reveal its full package of reform proposals in early November.

Bill Gates made into e-resident without asking

23.10.2018, 11:30

Estonia has decided to use world-famous persons to advertise its e-residency program. For that purpose, background checks are carried out and Estonian identity documents issued without asking the person whether they want to become an e-resident.

Growing EKRE ruling social media

23.10.2018, 11:27

Social media, especially Facebook, has become an increasingly important tool for political parties as the data it offers helps channel messages with pinpoint accuracy.

Estonian viewer paying Kremlin networks three million a year

22.10.2018, 3:38

Clients of Estonian TV operators pay around €3 million in license fees to Russian networks in service providers’ basic packages. Advertising revenue from the Estonian market adds another €3 million.

EKRE rating falls to lowest in year

22.10.2018, 2:35

Support for the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE), that has largely maintained a steady upward climb until now, fell to its lowest level in the past year in October. The online poll ordered by Eesti Meedia and carried out by Kantar Emor puts support for the...

Kallas: rapid price advance a conscious choice

19.10.2018, 12:24

Viimsi rural municipality mayor Siim Kallas, who has spent years serving in important offices in Brussels, describes as slander claims that the Reform Party ensured its long reign in Estonian politics by backstabbing its coalition partners and suggests those...

Kremlin networks to remain on air in Estonia

18.10.2018, 6:12

Three major Russian networks will remain on Estonians’ TV screens as service providers have no motivation to replace them. Most parliament parties are not willing to seriously discuss media restrictions or regulation.

EKRE member defends Nazi vindication

17.10.2018, 12:41

Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Riigikogu elections candidate Kadri Vilba explained the party’s scandals on the “Postimees Live” program yesterday. She also answered a question regarding EKRE members’ past pro-Nazi comments by saying Hitler also...

Personal information of children publicly available for years

17.10.2018, 12:32

Schools’ information system EKIS allowed anyone to read and download descriptions of children’s medical condition, behavioral problems and family relationships for years. The Ministry of Education and Research blames careless employees of educational...

Enterprise minister: Estonian resources before foreign labor

16.10.2018, 2:20

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Rene Tammist (SDE), who has been in office for a little over one month, says that a hundred euros in salary support can motivate local governments to attract and maintain jobs.

Banking could use more folk wisdom

15.10.2018, 12:02

Chief Economist of the Bank of England Andy Haldane is worried that central banks have lost their influence as the common folk no longer understand or trust them. He is convinced turning to folk wisdom would help.

Another setback for MMS marketplace

12.10.2018, 12:17

Facebook shut down the forum and primary marketing channel of a group advocating the use of MMS a month ago, following a letter form the health board; now, Estonian banks have also stopped working with MMS and DMSO marketplace Mineral Garden.

Teachers to be able to search students

12.10.2018, 12:15

The Ministry of Education and Research has, after years of debates, secured the government’s approval for draft legislation to determine situations in which teachers have the right to search students.

Estonian soldiers teaching Africans to fish

11.10.2018, 7:09

Major Ivo Peets has been serving with the EU training mission in Mali (EUTM) for six weeks. Peets, who has served with the Kalev Infantry Battalion for several years, concentrated on developing a more effective conscripts’ training cycle to make the best of...