Office of Prosecutor General sends ski coach Mati Alaver’s criminal case to court

23.10.2019, 11:16

The Office of the Prosecutor General has sent to the Harju County Court a compromise procedure in a criminal case in which cross-country skiing coach Mati Alaver, aged 65, is accused of inducing athletes to use doping.

Parties split over pharmacy issue

23.10.2019, 11:14

The coalition has put together a working group that could over the coming months pull the plug on the state and dispensing pharmacists’ pharmacy ownership reform five years in the making. The coalition has decided to reopen the debate in terms of whether the...

Kaur Kender on new computer game: It’s like 'Truth and Justice'

22.10.2019, 12:13

Estonian creative collective ZA/UM’s long-awaited computer game “Disco Elysium” shot straight to the top of Steam’s best sellers list after its release a week ago and was the highest ranked game for this year on the website Metacritic.

Soviet mentality haunting kindergartens

21.10.2019, 1:07

The Ministry of Education and Research (HTM) has completed a national preschool curriculum project that experts describe as hailing from the Soviet era. The recently honored principles of involvement of the child and developing their independent capacity have...

Interior minister vows to retain basic school exams

18.10.2019, 11:16

Minister of the Interior Mart Helme (EKRE) said yesterday that the Ministry of Education and Research’s plan of abolishing basic school graduation exams will not fly. Helme said the coalition council has all but decided the matter. “We have discussed...

President: Estonia could be catalyst on climate change

18.10.2019, 11:13

Estonia could become a catalyst on climate topics, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid said at an inspiration seminar on green economy in Laulasmaa on Thursday.

State company to dismantle monopoly

17.10.2019, 3:49

State company Operail, after wrestling with loss just a few years ago, is about to enter the Finnish rail transport market to dismantle the local monopoly and earn a lot of money.

Kingo’s phone swap angers the Chinese

16.10.2019, 11:11

Chinese cell phone manufacturer Huawei doesn’t understand why Estonia’s Minister of Foreign Trade and IT Kert Kingo had to replace her Huawei phone with an iPhone.

1st KFC restaurant in Tallinn to open Oct 24

15.10.2019, 12:39

Apollo Group OU, the biggest entertainment provider in Estonia, is about to open the first Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant in Estonia in the Ulemiste shopping mall on Oct. 24. 

Estonian govt announces snap exercise for over 800 reservists

15.10.2019, 12:32

The Estonian government decided on Tuesday to call up over 800 reservists to the Okas (Quill) short-notice exercise.

Bank of Estonia warns against pension reform consequences

15.10.2019, 12:28

The Bank of Estonia, presenting its initial effects analysis regarding Estonia’s planned pension reform on Monday, pointed out several ways the government’s plan of making the second pillar of pension voluntary could backfire. Politicians pushing the...

University targeted by Russian propaganda

14.10.2019, 11:22

Russian propaganda reporters posed as LGBT activists to do a fake story about how Tallinn University teaches theoretical and practical aspects of gay sex.

Administrative reform lowers number of electors

11.10.2019, 10:18

The next presidential election in Estonia could be different as a result of the administrative reform. The reform lowered the number of local governments in Estonia and through it also the number of presidential electors from local government councils in the...

Estonia won't accept a single asylum seeker

11.10.2019, 9:28

As long as the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) remains in the governing coalition, Estonia will not accept immigrants, Interior Minister Mart Helme told public broadcaster ERR at an interior ministers’ meeting in Luxembourg on Tuesday.

Brexit could end up costing Estonian businesses a lot

10.10.2019, 10:52

The Tax and Customs Board urges Estonian companies to prepare for a hard Brexit that would bring customs fees and new certificates. Aircraft interiors maker Magnetic MRO has had enough of uncertainty. “Deal or no deal, we have made our decision and the train...

New business to bury old hatchet

09.10.2019, 11:26

Former MP Kalle Palling and startup entrepreneur Hedi Mardisoo’s new taxi insurance business seems to be to the liking of both insurance companies and taxi firms, and there is a real possibility the two can finally bury the hatchet.

Gridlock over Laar’s list to be solved through amendment

09.10.2019, 11:22

The Riigikogu is working on an idea to amend the Bank of Estonia Act. One proposed change is for every parliament party to be able to nominate a representative for the central bank’s supervisory board, with chairman of the supervisory board nominating the...

Students disgruntled over subjects taught in English

08.10.2019, 11:24

English subjects hidden in Estonian curricula add internationality to universities but end up failing students who could be successful studying only in Estonian.

ICT Cluster to contribute €100,000 to Estonia's participation in Dubai EXPO

08.10.2019, 11:13

The Estonian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Cluster, which is one of the key partners of the Estonian pavilion at the Dubai EXPO 2020, is to invest a total of €100,000 in participation in the world fair.

Danske ex-employee: We handled as many non-resident transactions as possible

07.10.2019, 10:48

Mihhail Murnikov, former employee of the Estonian branch of Danske Bank, said that client managers had to handle as many transactions as possible at the non-resident unit of Danske in Estonia as it was extremely profitable for the bank, Bloomberg writes.

US, Baltics agree on cooperation in protecting energy infrastructure from cyberattacks

07.10.2019, 10:35

The United States and the Baltic states on Sunday agreed to beef up cooperation to protect the Baltic energy grid from cyberattacks as they disconnect from the Russian electricity grid.

Simson spared re-examination

04.10.2019, 10:50

Even though initial reactions following the hearing in the European Parliament of the European Commission’s energy commissioner candidate Kadri Simson yesterday were rather critical, with several groups weighing additional questions, the European...

Robert Kitt: pension reform not all bad

03.10.2019, 10:44

Former Swedbank Estonia CEO Robert Kitt (42) tells Postimees in an interview what he thinks of his removal, how foreign labor could do a disservice to the Estonian economy and how to reorganize higher education so it would serve Estonia’s interests.

Government to greenlight shale oil pre-refinery

02.10.2019, 11:17

The cabinet is no longer debating whether to support the construction of a shale oil pre-refining plant but rather how to go about it.

Tax board helped convict Estonian citizen’s company in Russia

01.10.2019, 1:09

This summer, an Estonian citizen’s company was found guilty of tax evasion in Russia, with help from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. The company ZAO Ekstra was ordered to pay over a million euros into state revenues.

Tallinn University of Technology «warned» new bosses of whistleblower

30.09.2019, 11:02

Junior research fellow at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) Keegan McBride blew the whistle – he risked everything when he talked about how his superiors at the university’s Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance embezzled EU funds....

Kõlvart to shut down Tallinn Television next week

27.09.2019, 3:12

The supervisory board of Tallinn Television (TTV) is set to discuss a proposal by Tallinn Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart to shut down the television channel from October 1 and have the foundation continue as a production company.

David Cameron: Estonia will dethrone us

26.09.2019, 3:06

Former UK prime minister David Cameron says that Estonia will soon overthrow the United Kingdom for the position of the world’s most digital government. As concerns Brexit and Donald Trump being elected president, Cameron attributes both to unchecked...

M.V.Wool says its products are safe

26.09.2019, 12:54

Estonian fish processing company M.V.Wool maintains that of the more than 600 samples taken from its products all were consistent with valid norms and its products having a negative effect on people’s health is ruled out.

Aivar Rehe died two days before his body was found in his own back yard

26.09.2019, 12:48

The body of former Danske Estonia CEO Aivar Rehe was found by his family in the back yard of their Pirita residence yesterday morning. Investigators concluded by yesterday evening that Rehe did not return home the day before but that his body had been lying in...

Budget logic: a single euro better than nothing

25.09.2019, 4:37

The government is set to present next year’s state budget bill to the Riigikogu today that should bring higher salaries for police officers, rescuers and teachers but cut transitional support for farmers from €15.3 million to just €5 million. Expenses...

Body of ex-chief of Danske Bank's Estonian arm found

25.09.2019, 12:07

The body of Aivar Rehe, former manager of the Estonian arm of Danske Bank who was last seen leaving his home on Monday morning, was found on Wednesday morning, police said.

Extraordinary pensions hike down to €7

24.09.2019, 11:47

The Center Party will be making good on its primary election promise – a 2020 pensions hike – in reduced volume as information available to Postimees suggests pensioners will only gain an extra €7 a month.

Police say reason to believe life of missing Danske ex-manager Rehe in danger

23.09.2019, 8:11

he police said that there is reason to believe that the life of missing Aivar Rehe, former manager of the Estonian arm of Danske Bank last seen on Monday morning, is in danger.

People making modest salary would repay loans

23.09.2019, 12:41

Future pensioners making modest salary today would use funds released from their mandatory funded pension as a result of a planned reform for repaying loans and covering daily expenses, a survey ordered by Postimees and carried out by pollster Kantar Emor...

Entrepreneurs drowning in reporting obligation

20.09.2019, 10:46

Entrepreneurs that file hundreds of reports every year are asking about the lingering obligation to send the government documentation they neither collect nor need in their work.

Facebook decides to take on anti-vaccers

19.09.2019, 12:08

The social media giant has had enough as updates will soon reach Estonia that will direct people looking to join anti-vaccination groups to a page with scientifically proven facts.

Minister urges people to report violations to Language Inspectorate

18.09.2019, 12:46

Estonian Minister of Culture Tõnis Lukas said that the situation where Estonians must switch to a foreign language to use simple products and services, such as cab rides and food delivery, has become intolerable and urged people to contact the Language...

Helme’s plan half-baked

18.09.2019, 12:43

Even though Minister of the Interior Mart Helme says his coalition partners support his internal security reserve plan in theory, funds to realize the idea seemed nowhere in sight yesterday. Neither did answers to questions concerning the powers of the...

Estonian ruling an area greater than Estonia in Siberia

17.09.2019, 1:06

Estonian Vladimir Saar governs an area 25 percent larger than Estonia in Siberia where powerful factories are being built. 24 hours a day are not enough, Saar admits.

Business with Meelis Lao culminated in kidnapping and a beating

16.09.2019, 12:28

Fall of 2017, a picturesque seaside residential district in the village of Rohuneeme in Viimsi. Moscow businessman Maksim Pukhlikov (42) exits Meelis Lao’s (53) BMW. The men say their farewells, and the vehicle drives off.

Study: tunnel to bring Estonia tens of millions

13.09.2019, 11:43

A recent study ordered by Peter Vesterbacka’s Finest Bay Area and carried out by Finnish pollster Taloustutkimus concludes that the construction and operation until 2050 of the Helsinki-Tallinn undersea tunnel would add approximately €300 million to the...

Nordica subsidiary to play first fiddle

12.09.2019, 10:58

Forget the pathos of Nordica as a national airline and a Tallinn-based fleet – these times are gone. Estonia can only afford a flexible aviation company that flies where there are clients and money.

ISS finds various explosives-related items in Õismäe apartment

12.09.2019, 10:55

The Internal Security Service (ISS) found various explosives-related items from an apartment building located on Õismäe street in Tallinn and one person has been detained in connection with the incident.

New tool for seeing through political promises

11.09.2019, 9:54

The Koolimäe Creative House in West Viru County hosted a unique prototype workshop called Democracyhack over the weekend where brilliant businessmen, programmers and activists, including Skype co-founder Ahti Heinla, businessman Indrek Kasela and VP of...

Simson handed energy portfolio

11.09.2019, 9:50

Despite new rumors over the weekend, incoming president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen confirmed Estonia’s Kadri Simson as the EU’s next energy commissioner as she revealed the makeup of her commission yesterday. “I believe this is the...

Riigikogu off to a rocky start

10.09.2019, 9:47

Parties were unable to avoid a skirmish during the opening sitting of the fall session of the Riigikogu yesterday when chairman of the Riigikogu Henn Põlluaas (EKRE) criticizing the opposition and the president in his speech caused Reform Party MPs to storm...

50-million budget hole to be patched

10.09.2019, 9:43

Time is short, sums are considerable and promises need fulfilling. That is the situation in which the government needs to find a way to patch a €50-million hole in the state budget in under four months. Another €50 million needs to be cut to maintain...

Suspicious contract at UT – don’t worry, it was frozen

09.09.2019, 12:00

Companies belonging to employees with ties to a University of Tartu laboratory have seen nearly half a million euros from the university.

China's state-owned newspaper criticizes Baltic states

08.09.2019, 11:41

Wen Wei Po, a state-owned Hong Kong-based Chinese language newspaper, on August 24 published an article mocking the independence of the three Baltic states in which it was also stated that, instead of anticipated success, the countries were left in squalor...