Internal Security Service needs €50 mln for main building reconstruction

24.04.2019, 12:55

The main building of the Estonian Internal Security Service (ISS) needs investment in the amount of around €50 million as tight conditions are increasingly hampering the work of security officials.

PPA admits foreign student expelled without legal basis

24.04.2019, 12:52

Postimees wrote about the expulsion of a foreign student from Nepal that seemed unjust in early March. The Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) has now admitted it made a mistake and said that the student’s residence permit must be restored.

Regulator applying for extension of prohibition on stay at Aidu wind farm

23.04.2019, 12:36

The Estonian Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority has asked the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) to extend the ban on stay on the territory of the Aidu wind farm until circumstances have been determined but said it will allow the developer...

Vakra ordered to write new thesis

23.04.2019, 12:33

Rector of Tallinn University Tiit Land decided on Monday that Rainer Vakra’s diploma studies diploma from 17 years ago will be revoked. The university decided that Vakra will get to keep his master’s degree if he writes a new bachelor’s thesis inside two...

President summons six ministerial candidates

23.04.2019, 12:31

Incoming prime minister Jüri Ratas presented President Kersti Kaljulaid with a list of candidates for his government yesterday. Kaljulaid expressed desire to meet with six of them to hear their plans and ideas.

Martin Helme’s past no business of Big Brother

22.04.2019, 2:12

Incoming finance minister Martin Helme is set to celebrate his 43rd birthday two days from today. Helme is described by his friends as an intelligent and confident person whose biggest problem is superficiality. It isn’t hard to see why, looking at the...

What Europe lacks the most is confidence

18.04.2019, 4:52

Frontrunner for Estonia 200 at European Parliament elections Lauri Hussar is considering joining the European People’s Party (EPP) if elected. While Isamaa is a member of the same parliamentary group, Hussar is deeply disappointed in the party he used to...

Government to start with lowest support in decade

18.04.2019, 4:49

After answering an avalanche of questions by opposition politicians, leader of the Center Party Jüri Ratas was given powers to form a coalition government with the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Isamaa by the Riigikogu yesterday evening. The...

Meeting expected to liven up economic ties

17.04.2019, 4:28

President Kersti Kaljulaid is set to meet with her Russian colleague Vladimir Putin in Moscow tomorrow. Ever since the announcement, it has been debated whether the meeting should take place in the first place and what could the presidents concentrate on.

«Kõigi Eesti» concert brought together 10,000 people

17.04.2019, 3:56

The motto of the «Kõigi Eesti Laul» (Everyone’s Estonia’s Song) concert that organizers say brought over 10,000 people to the Song Festival Grounds on Sunday was: «We are not afraid. We stand together for freedoms!». While politics should not have...

Moscow expert: relations shouldn’t be seen as hopeless

16.04.2019, 6:12

Kersti Kaljulaid should concentrate on mutual topics such as economic and humanitarian cooperation during her meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, says Oleg Timofeev from the Russian International Affairs Council.

Reinsalu changed his mind

16.04.2019, 5:09

Outgoing justice minister, incoming foreign minister Urmas Reinsalu (Isamaa) has seen Estonia change course in joining countries that do not support European Commissioner Andrus Ansip’s EU digital single market copyright directive that the European...

FSB hired local thug to keep an eye on border guard

15.04.2019, 12:40

The latest Estonian Internal Security Service (ISS) yearbook writes that Harju County Court convicted a previously unknown spy Dmitri Kozlov last month.

Friends considered possible spy Estonian patriot

15.04.2019, 12:36

Friends and acquaintances describe Vladimir Kulikov (51) as a calm and good person and a true Estonian patriot. The former security service operative has now been arrested over alleged spying.

ISS: Abdurrahman Sazanakov who left Estonia to join extremists died in Syria

12.04.2019, 3:29

The Estonian Internal Security Service (ISS) said that according to their information, Abdurrahman Sazanakov, who in 2013 left Estonia to fight in Syria, died there a few years ago.

Moscow experts: visit will not be canceled due to sailing ship decision

12.04.2019, 3:26

Russian political experts questioned by Postimees do not believe that Estonia’s decision to deny Russian sailing vessel Sedov entry into the country’s territorial waters will cause an upcoming meeting between the two countries’ presidents to be canceled,...

Kõlvart elected mayor as down payment for incoming coalition

12.04.2019, 3:22

Center Party leader Jüri Ratas paid a part of the price for his planned coalition with the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Isamaa yesterday when recent Tallinn city council chair Mihhail Kõlvart (Center) was elected mayor. Kõlvart received 45...

Incoming minister promises tax peace

11.04.2019, 11:28

While the finance minister of what is likely to be Estonia’s next government, Martin Helme (EKRE), has vowed to lower excise duties, incoming economy minister Taavi Aas (Center) applies the brakes: there will not be tax cuts as the budget is tight enough as...

Manufacturer promises rifles will not fail Estonia

10.04.2019, 6:16

The winner of the Estonian Defense Forces and the Police and Border Guard Board’s (PPA) new service weapons procurement tells for the first time how he sees the scandalous procurement dispute in Estonia and the future of the long-awaited assault rifles.

State companies want new owners

09.04.2019, 7:40

The looming coalition of the Center Party, Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Isamaa promises to privatize three state companies: Eesti Teed, Operail and Enefit Green.

Police find major cannabis growing operation

09.04.2019, 6:34

Police officers of the Eastern Prefecture detained two men suspected of handling large amounts of cannabis in West Viru County in the first week of April. The men were taken into custody for a period of two months.

How a former ship guard earned a party’s trust

09.04.2019, 6:30

While largely unknown to the general public, Rene Kokk has what it takes to win hearts and minds over at the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE).

Kallas to look for common values with SDE

09.04.2019, 5:24

While the Center Party, Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Isamaa signed a coalition agreement approved by their respective councils, the Reform Party and the Social Democrat Party only sat down together for the first time yesterday.

Chairs of Center Party, EKRE, Isamaa sign coalition deal

08.04.2019, 2:14

Chairman of Estonia's Center Party Juri Ratas, chairman of the Estonian Conservative People's Party (EKRE) Mart Helme and chairman of Isamaa Helir Valdor Seeder signed a coalition agreement on Monday.

New coalition passes first test

05.04.2019, 6:54

Yesterday saw the inaugural sitting of the XIV composition of the Riigikogu that was elected a month ago. Next to ceremonial aspects, the main question concerned progress made on the looming coalition of the Center Party, Conservative People’s Party (EKRE)...

Henn Põlluaas elected parlt speaker

04.04.2019, 6:36

The Riigikogu on Thursday elected Estonian Conservative People's Party (EKRE) member Henn Põlluaas as the speaker of the parliament.

Koduliising given credit institution activity license, to become Holm Bank

04.04.2019, 6:30

The Estonian consumer credit provider AS Koduliising, which operates under the trademark Liisi, has been given a credit institution activity license and is to adopt the new business name Holm Bank.

Kaljulaid’s Russia visit worrying experts

04.04.2019, 6:17

President Kersti Kaljulaid’s meeting with her Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, set to take place on April 18, is shrouded in mystery. It remains unclear why such a high-level meeting is planned. Several experts have criticized secrecy surrounding the...

Family loses grandfather to hospital error

03.04.2019, 6:00

Kristi Tiido learned of her father Dorian’s health problem over the phone. “My mother called me and told me to come to Võru as soon as possible because dad was in a bad way.” When Kristi, who drove all the way from Tallinn, finally reached the ninth...

Journalistic freedom stands on the backbone of media executives

02.04.2019, 6:01

Estonia is largely standing on the merit of the press, media expert Raul Rebane told “Postimees Live” yesterday. “If we weaken it enough, it could lead to a much bigger structure than we imagine collapsing.”

Emergency number unreachable for hours

02.04.2019, 5:55

The State Information System’s Authority (RIA) revealed yesterday how the most serious communications incident in terms of impact on ordinary people happened right at the beginning of last year when a number of clients of cell phone operator Elisa could not...

Riigikogu elections momentum favoring Reform and EKRE

02.04.2019, 5:51

Three-way coalition talks, now moving into the home stretch, have nearly overshadowed the fact parties are facing a new challenge in less than two months for seven – or six – seats in the European Parliament.

Three parties take one-way road

01.04.2019, 2:17

While the councils of the Center Party, Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Isamaa could not approve the coalition agreement when meeting on Saturday as talks have not yet been concluded, the important thing was to have the councils confirm that no one is...

Helme wants to punish «biased» journalists

29.03.2019, 4:01

Member of the supervisory board of public broadcaster ERR for the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Martin Helme sent a letter to fellow members of the board on Wednesday, seeking the removal from air of journalists he described as “biased”. Helme...

Court places Narva council member Voronov in custody

28.03.2019, 11:42

The Viru County Court on Wednesday evening approved a two-month detention for Aleksei Voronov, member of the Narva city council suspected of large-scale corruption.

Additive to prove costly

28.03.2019, 11:39

New bioadditive requirements for motor fuel that will take effect on Monday will bring higher prices and altered markings. Owners of older vehicles should take heed as not all engines are compatible with ethanol fuel mixtures.

UK court hands 30-year prison sentence to Estonian yacht captain for cocaine smuggling

27.03.2019, 4:19

The Bristol Crown Court in the United Kingdom has convicted Estonian yacht captain Richard Must and four other men of trying to import 1.4 tons of cocaine from Suriname to the UK.

European Commission unpopular like a soccer referee

27.03.2019, 4:06

Just like President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, who found himself on propaganda posters in Hungary, his Dutch right hand man, First Vice President Frans Timmermans, has also been treated to personal attacks as payback from a member state...

Center drops to third place in party rankings

26.03.2019, 1:21

The Reform Party has further extended its lead over rivals, whereas the Center Party has fallen to third place in Estonian party rankings, pollster Kantar Emor’s latest survey for Postimees and BNS suggests.

Swedbank knew of money laundering

26.03.2019, 1:18

In-house information of Swedbank available to Postimees and Swedish public broadcaster SVT points to numerous audits that looked at suspicious transfers and clients, while their results cannot be openly discussed.

War not the likeliest crisis

25.03.2019, 3:04

The interior ministry will be sending citizens instructions for what to do in a crisis today and in the days to come. Director of National Defense Coordination with the Government Office Indrek Sirp talks about what kind of crises we are most likely to see and...

Illegal chip business ended

22.03.2019, 3:10

California state prosecutor’s office has charged two men for smuggling high-tech electronics with military potential from USA to Russia through Estonia.

Swedish banks’ exodus from Estonia pure speculation

21.03.2019, 5:54

Swedbank Sweden is set to publish the results of an audit commissioned in the aftermath of money laundering scandals tomorrow. CEO of Swedbank Estonia Robert Kitt admits there have been corresponding inquiries before but remains tight-lipped when it comes to...

Estonian fish processor suspected

20.03.2019, 4:38

A Danish agency is blaming Estonian fish processor M.V.Wool of causing an outbreak of listeriosis that cost the lives of two people. The company maintains its products are safe.

Three decisions from talks

20.03.2019, 4:20

Leaders of the Center Party, Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Isamaa unveiled three agreements after two days of deliberations yesterday.

Milder: it is an opportunity for Baltika

19.03.2019, 2:27

Baltika announced yesterday that it will end production in Estonia, lay off 340 people and completely revamp its business model. The company had earlier revealed plans to issue €5 million worth of new shares and borrow €3 million from its parent company.

Potential coalition to have border guard structure inside PPA

18.03.2019, 2:39

Representatives of the Center Party, Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and Isamaa, negotiating a potential coalition for Estonia, agreed on Saturday that a separate border guard structure within the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) would be created.

Man yells antisemitic slurs at rabbi

18.03.2019, 2:35

Estonian Chief Rabbi Shmuel Kot was treated to a verbal attack on Saturday morning when a man being issued a fine by Tallinn Municipal Police (MUPO) yelled “What are you looking at, Jew!”, “Into the oven with you!” and other slurs at him.

Court decides to extradite Estonian citizen accused of Frenchwoman's murder to UK

15.03.2019, 6:25

The Harju County Court in Tallinn on Friday ruled in favor of the extradition to the UK of an Estonian national accused of killing a Frenchwoman in London at the beginning of this month.

Including EKRE in government headache for Ratas

15.03.2019, 6:19

A recent interview given to Deutsche Welle by Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) member Martin Helme is just one problem had by the Center Party in forming a coalition with EKRE and Isamaa.