Haapsalu-Noarootsi ice road open for some 3 hrs before being closed due to thaw

15.02.2019, 4:21

The Estonian Road Administration before noon on Friday opened this year's first ice road between the northwestern regional capital of Haapsalu and the Noarootsi peninsula but closed it approximately three hours later due to warm weather and a high traffic...

President Kaljulaid, Ivanka Trump discuss Estonia's e-state

15.02.2019, 4:18

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid met with Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser of US President Donald Trump, in Munich on Friday to discuss the empowerment of women and introduced Estonia's digigirls initiatives.

30 years from leaving Afghanistan

15.02.2019, 4:15

On February 15, 1989, Lt. Gen. Boris Gromov (45) jumped off the last Soviet armored car to leave Afghanistan and headed for Uzbekistan across the iron “Friendship of Nations” bridge over Amu Darya to report a successful pullout. The last Estonian to leave...

Defense Forces serviceman dies after firearm accident

14.02.2019, 5:10

An active serviceman of the Estonian Defense Forces died after sustaining a firearm injury at the defense forces central training ground on Wednesday, military spokespeople said.

Justice chancellor disagrees with Richness of Life Party

14.02.2019, 5:05

The fact the Richness of Life Party (ERE) was excluded from public broadcaster ERR’s “Valimisstuudio” elections debate is not unconstitutional, Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise finds.

Vakra: I should have cited working version of SEI report in thesis

13.02.2019, 5:11

While the weekly Eesti Ekspress reported on Wednesday that the bachelor’s thesis of Chairman of the Riigikogu Environment Committee Rainer Vakra, written 17 years ago, was plagiarized, Vakra now admits that he should indeed have cited the final version of...

Western values under pressure

13.02.2019, 5:07

Estonia has done well as an independent country when the international arena has been dominated by liberal democratic values, Foreign Minister Sven Mikser said yesterday when delivering the government’s annual foreign policy speech in front of the Riigikogu....

Serial offender drove for Taxify

12.02.2019, 10:36

Checks by Tartu city government and ridesharing platform Taxify were not enough to keep a man convicted of child abuse and attacking a passenger from driving for the company and harassing clients.

Metsavas committed treason for ten years

12.02.2019, 10:33

The investigation determined that Maj. Denis Metsavas worked for Russian intelligence longer than initially believed. It can be said that almost his entire career in the Estonian Defense Forces – from officer’s school to the general staff – took place...

Kelly Sildaru crowned free ski halfpipe world champion

11.02.2019, 10:28

Kelly Sildaru became the youngest halfpipe world champion of all time by clinching gold at the 2019 FIS Snowboard, Freestyle and Freeski World Championships in Utah on Saturday.

Estonia to draw up backup plan for vehicle mobilization

11.02.2019, 10:25

War time mobilization plans will also concern machinery as the Estonian Defense Resources Board (KRA) has singled out some 2,700 civilian vehicles and machines the owners of which will soon be called on for duty.

Center Party to contest decision of party financing watchdog ERJK in court

08.02.2019, 2:57

Senior coalition partner Center Party says the €1.27 million injunction made by the Party Financing Monitoring Committee (ERJK) is based on false claims by former Center campaign master Paavo Pettai; the party's secretary general Mikhail Korb said Center...

«If you do not agree with me, you are a traitor»

08.02.2019, 2:53

Leader of the Social Democrat Party (SDE) Yevgeni Ossinovski finds that political debate has become aggressive in recent years and Estonia has not found a way to deal with it as a society.

Domestic violence seen as a crime more often

07.02.2019, 6:17

Last year saw 27,125 registered offenses, up 0.5 percent from the year before. Violent crime was up by 12 percent to 8,249 offenses.

Luman: I’m in constructive opposition to all prime ministers

07.02.2019, 6:14

Chairman of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and one of the owners of construction group Nordecon, Toomas Luman, finds that a prime ministerial candidate should first and foremost be able to answer the question of what will become of the...

Two out of three ain’t bad

06.02.2019, 3:38

«I wouldn't normally have come, but I'm doing something for Postimees,» I told my journalistic colleagues, trying to sound nonchalant. Yeah, suckers, I'm not writing about this meeting of the three Baltic Prime Ministers for some poky Latvian outlet. I'm...

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Estonia needs more outspoken judges

06.02.2019, 3:17

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Villu Kõve receives Postimees in the temporary home of the Supreme Court on Tartu’s Veski street almost by himself. The desk in his tired-looking office holds a pile of criminal case files from the Supreme Court Civil...

Luminor to lay off 800 people

05.02.2019, 5:18

Luminor is cutting back activities and laying off almost a third of its staff in the Baltic countries. The bank, active in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, announced that it will be switching to a simpler business model and launching collective layoffs.

Language learning app founded in Estonia named Google Play's best application of 2018

05.02.2019, 4:25

The language learning application Drops by game developer Planb Labs, established in Estonia by Hungarian founders, was named Google Play's best app of 2018.

EKRE and Pro Patria best at mobilizing supporters

04.02.2019, 5:37

Every new supporter constitutes an important victory for parties before elections. Even more important are efforts to mobilize recent supporters who will deliver the bulk of the party’s votes. Most parties aim their messages at core voters – you are needed...

New miracle drug steps in for MMS

01.02.2019, 11:43

Nature cannot abide a vacancy, as the saying goes. If just one year ago, Estonia was battling the sale of MMS and the practice of giving it to children, a new “miracle cure” called Advanced TRS has appeared on the market now.

Ratas: basic exemption reform has proven effective

31.01.2019, 1:46

Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas said that the basic exemption reform is the most important and fundamental decision regarding tax policy, which according to current data has proven effective, as it has increased the income of the majority of people who...

SKAIS 2 in risk of remaining a black hole

31.01.2019, 1:43

Head of the Social Insurance Board Egon Veermäe cannot promise that the recent cost increase of the SKAIS 2 information system by eight million euros will be the last: political changes inevitably reflect in cost.

Murderers and rapists to be compensated

30.01.2019, 11:45

The European Court of Human Rights ruled yesterday that seven prisoners in Estonia have been wronged as they were held in cells that were too small. The Estonian state was ordered to pay the convicted criminals, including two murderers and a rapist, a total of...

Elektrilevi to cover blank spots on the map

30.01.2019, 11:40

Head of communications services at power and communications transmission network operator Elektrilevi Oliver Ruus says that optical cables will be brought to the first rural area clients currently inhabiting so-called blank spots in terms of high-speed...

Seeder: nationalism shows openness

29.01.2019, 2:30

“Nationalism does not need any epithets, neither openness nor closeness. Nationalism is nationalism. We should not be ashamed of the word or try to complement it somehow,” says chairman of Pro Patria Helir-Valdor Seeder.

NATO heavy weapons to Baltics

28.01.2019, 2:59

Allied NATO battalions will soon mark two years serving in the Baltics. They have worked better than expected but would need prepositioned heavy weaponry and a functional contingency plan in case of a crisis, a report by the International Center for Defense...

«Ratas shakes our hand»

25.01.2019, 6:17

Leader of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Mart Helme has a plan should the Center Party and Reform Party form the next government between them: the reformists will paint themselves into a corner inside a year after which it will be impossible for...

Taxify threatens to end ridesharing in Estonia

24.01.2019, 6:20

Estonia has heeded complaints by several interest groups and wants to hold ridesharing platforms Taxify, Uber and Yandex accountable for their drivers having stellar backgrounds, vehicles in good repair and tidy insurance payments.

Income tax system punishes women who give birth late in year

24.01.2019, 6:18

The time of filing income tax returns is nearly upon us. The new income tax system, in effect since last year, will obligate many women who went on maternity leave toward the end of the year to make additional income tax payments, while those who give birth in...

Estonians embezzled millions from Finland

23.01.2019, 5:53

Estonian businessmen stole over four million euros from the Finnish state and used shell companies in Estonia to launder the money. The scheme benefited its puppet masters at the expense of cash-strapped construction workers who were sent to do the dirty work.

Terras to work for Milrem Robotics

22.01.2019, 5:57

Gen. Riho Terras, former commander of the Estonian defense forces, is to head the defense division of Estonian unmanned vehicles manufacturer Milrem Robotics.

Estonia-Latvia joint packaging solution complicated

22.01.2019, 5:54

The idea for a common deposit-subjected package handling system for Estonia and Latvia is likely the most ambitious joint venture between the two countries after Rail Baltic. It is also expected to be the source of as much headache and antagonism.

Women’s march sees 600 participants

21.01.2019, 5:19

Approximately 600 people participated in the first Women's March in Estonia that took place in Tallinn on Saturday.

Broken stock overlooked

21.01.2019, 5:15

The tender for new small arms for the army and police force suffered a setback last Thursday. The public procurement dispute committee invalidated the victory of a U.S. arms manufacturer as the state failed to challenge two claims by a company that made a...

Ten parties, 18 independents register for March elections

18.01.2019, 2:56

The National Electoral Committee received applications for registration of candidates and candidate lists from ten political parties and 18 independent candidates by the Thursday evening deadline.

Sputnik’s secret network had 13 pages aimed at Estonia

18.01.2019, 2:55

A secret network of Russian propaganda publication Sputnik that came to light yesterday included eight Facebook pages aimed squarely at Estonia. Another five pages treated with the Baltics in general.

EKRE sees no problem with trolling

17.01.2019, 5:13

Head of the youth organization of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Blue Awakening Ruuben Kaalep admitted that he knowingly engages in social media trolling using fake accounts. EKRE chairman Martin Helme does not see this as a problem.

Kallas to look for compromise

17.01.2019, 5:10

Even though education is a matter close to the heart of Estonia 200 leader Kristina Kallas, she cannot imagine herself fighting for the post of education minister: ideas can also be realized by someone else.

Support for Estonia 200 falls to 2 percent after poster campaign

16.01.2019, 10:24

Support for Estonia 200, the newly established political party that has consistently remained above the election threshold since fall of 2018, has fallen to 2 percent after the party's poster campaign in central Tallinn, it appears from the results of a survey...

Trolls penetrate major daily’s opinion section

16.01.2019, 10:19

Comments sections of social media sites hold entries by dozens of fake personas two of whom managed to get published by Eesti Päevaleht. Signs point to fake accounts having ties with Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) youth organization Blue Awakening.

PERH first to join country-wide digital registration system

16.01.2019, 10:13

The North Estonia Medical Center (PERH) is the first medical institution in Estonia to implement the country-wide digital registration system launched on Tuesday.

Hussar: decision might have come a little late

16.01.2019, 10:09

Lauri Hussar, who announced his resignation from the post of editor-in-chief of Postimees yesterday and is set to join Estonia 200 and run for parliament in the March elections, says Priit Alamäe invited him to join the party only last week. «The decision to...

Mission of Estonia 200 to be party of reforms

14.01.2019, 11:14

The mission of Estonia 200 is to be the party of reforms, leader of the newly established political party Kristina Kallas said at the party's pre-election convention held at Haven Kakumäe in Tallinn on Sunday.

Facebook takes on Kremlin trolls

14.01.2019, 11:12

Facebook has set about deleting the fake accounts behind the factious Estoners group Postimees shed light on two weeks ago. But the dragon has many heads: dubious social media profiles already number around one hundred.

17 criminals join Center in a few months

12.01.2019, 3:45

The Center Party announced with pride in October of last year how the party will automatically evict members with criminal punishments in the future. Just a few months later, the prime minister’s party has seen new members include the most criminals.

Reform Party retakes polls lead

10.01.2019, 12:30

The rating of the Estonian opposition Reform Party, after falling by a third last year, exhibited an upward spike in January and now exceeds support for the coalition Center Party by 1.1 percentage points, it appears from a survey commissioned by BNS and...

Plastic bag money wounds reopened

10.01.2019, 12:29

Former top centrist Evelyn Sepp admitted that she donated money the origin of which was unknown to her to the Center Party in 2006. The former politician claimed other members also engaged in the practice but refused to name names.

State has spent hundreds of thousands on Liberty Manor

10.01.2019, 9:05

The now abandoned plan to renovate the Liberty manor complex in Tallinn’s Rocca al Mare borough as the new presidential residence has cost Estonia at least €354,000.

Rape at home pushed young woman into world of prostitution

10.01.2019, 9:03

The last decade of the previous century was a difficult time for many, both financially and personally, and the 1990s can be described as the golden age of prostitution in Estonia. If today, it is believed there are around 300 active prostitutes in Estonia,...