How Ukraine sees Kersti Kaljulaid’s visit?

25.05.2018, 4:17

Ukraine welcomed Estonia’s president with blue, black, and white flags, blue skies, and warm weather. That said, Kersti Kaljulaid has not been as prominent in the Ukrainian media as she could be.

Unbelievable 13 billion euros

25.05.2018, 4:11

The yearbook of the Central Criminal Police’s money laundering information bureau (RAB), to be published today, reveals the full extent of the dirty secret of Estonian banking: the agency estimates that 13 billion euros – more than the entire Estonian...

Examination assesses Edgar Savisaar as healthy enough to appear in court

25.05.2018, 2:48

An expert's report from the Estonian Forensic Science Institute concerning the health condition of former mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar that reached the court on Thursday assessed Savisaar healthy enough to appear in court.

Elderly woman suspected of killing another elderly woman

25.05.2018, 12:40

The Estonian police in Parnu County on Thursday detained an 84-year-old woman who is suspected of killing another elderly woman.

Reps would abolish final exams in basic school

24.05.2018, 5:29

Basic school final examinations should be abolished as they say little in terms of the student’s level of knowledge, finds Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps (Center). The minister wants to allow schools to decide the conditions on which students...

Predators cause record damage

24.05.2018, 5:23

Stock farmers and beekeepers will be compensated for damages stretching into a quarter of a million euros caused by Estonia’s largest predators – wolves and bears – this year.

Toom says ethics code part of deal with Ratas

23.05.2018, 4:35

MEP and Center Party board member Yana Toom, who presented her ethics code to the board yesterday, wants to draw attention to improving political culture. The ethics code is part of a deal she made with PM Jüri Ratas.

Family doctor’s patient ends up on operating table

23.05.2018, 4:32

A client of the Telliskivi family medicine center in Tallinn lost a kidney as her pro-homeopathy doctor failed to treat a chronic case of inflammation of the bladder with alternative methods over several years. When the young woman finally got to see a...

The golden age of transit is gone for good

22.05.2018, 10:47

State company EVR Cargo should be shut down as it is killing off private competitors, finds owner of rolling stock company Skinest Rail, Oleg Ossinovski. The experienced businessman is also critical of technical solutions of the Rail Baltic project.

New ID-card fault could have been intentional

18.05.2018, 1:20

Manufacturer of Estonian ID-cards Gemalto ignored security requirements, find experts who proved the latest security fault. To avoid long queues, machines were programmed to generate ID-card encryption keys in a less secure way. The manufacturer denies...

Estonia 200 given credit of trust

17.05.2018, 3:33

Pollster Kantar Emor included the Estonia 200 political movement in its May party popularity poll ordered by Postimees and BNS. The credit of trust the movement was given clearly shows room for a new political force in Estonia.

ATM explosion points to professionals

17.05.2018, 3:29

Detectives investigating the blown-up ATM in Aravete are looking at the worst possible scenario: a gang of specialists for whom Aravete was the first success after several failed attempts.

Estonia replacing 12,500 unsecure ID-cards for free

17.05.2018, 3:22

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board is about to cancel from June 1 the security certificates of approximately 12,500 electronic ID-cards in which a security flaw has been discovered, and will replace the cards free of charge.

Pictures: person dies in car that drove off cliff near Paldiski

17.05.2018, 3:18

A car was spotted in the sea off the Pakri limestone bank not far from the town of Paldiski in northwestern   Estonia late on Wednesday afternoon and rescuers have found a dead body in the driver's seat.

Lehis: VEB Fund saga should not be forgotten

16.05.2018, 4:45

Tax experts Lasse Lehis, who put together a legal analysis of the VEB Fund saga, finds that the state has misused the legal system in its favor in the fund’s case. The Riigikogu will discuss “the problem of the state’s responsibility in the VEB Fund...

State leaves buyers waiting for auction

16.05.2018, 4:41

Even though the Kalaranna or Patarei fortress is a millstone around the state’s neck, State Real Estate Ltd. (RKAS) has rejected an offer from a foreign developer and suggested investors wait until an auction is held toward the end of the year.

Talvik perceives rise of mediocrity

15.05.2018, 4:52

Artur Talvik, who stopped running the Free Party on Saturday and left its ranks on Sunday, is less than impressed with the party’s new board. He believes that the only reason the worst political technology was held back was because he decided not to run for...

Entrepreneurs demand reforms

15.05.2018, 4:49

Yesterday saw 28 entrepreneurs establish the State Reform Foundation to thoroughly renew the recent structure of the Estonian state. One of the authors of the idea, Jüri Käo, said that while the founders are not starry-eyed idealists, it is simply impossible...

Herkel elected Free Party chairman again

14.05.2018, 6:03

The general assembly of the Free Party elected Andres Herkel as its chairman on Saturday. Recent chairman Artur Talvik did not run for the position.

Estonia sang itself back onto the map

14.05.2018, 5:58

Estonia took eighth place in the final round of the Eurovision song contest in Lisbon this Saturday. The contest was won by grand favorite Israel. While Estonian social media quickly filled with indignation, singer Elina Nechayeva was happy.

14 cars catch fire in borough of North Tallinn

11.05.2018, 5:48

Altogether 14 vehicles, mainly vans, caught fire early on Friday morning in the borough of North Tallinn.

Power grid realignment toward Europe caused by mistrust

10.05.2018, 6:19

While Estonia and other Baltic countries could remain in the Russian power system, distrust in the eastern neighbor sends their gaze toward Europe, head of Elering Taavi Veskimägi says.

He grabbed my lady parts

10.05.2018, 12:00

Yesterday’s episode of ETV investigative journalism program “Pealtnägija” showed a side of Maaleht’s horoscope writer Igor Mang the public did not know. Mang touched the breasts and groin of young women who came in for a séance with him.

Port promises strong dividends

09.05.2018, 6:48

It will be possible to subscribe for shares of Port of Tallinn from May 25 for which there will be a price range. The company plans to pay generous dividends.

Small shareholders to fight Olympic takeover bid

09.05.2018, 6:44

Institutional small shareholders of gambling operator Olympic EG announced yesterday that they have decided to fight the new majority shareholder as Novalpina Capital’s takeover bid leans on small shareholders and the company’s plans endanger the...

Coalition members criticize Simson’s regulation

08.05.2018, 5:46

Fellow members of the coalition find the principle of the state paying for free coaches only if they are free for everyone – as stated in Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson’s (Center Party) county public transport regulation –...

Helsinki-Tallinn: one tunnel, two projects

08.05.2018, 5:43

If a mere decade ago, no one but a few enthusiasts even wanted to think about a tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn, there are now two competing consortiums with the plan: the FinEst Link Project by the two cities and countries and the private project of Angry...

Simson’s freedom of choice only seeming

05.05.2018, 5:47

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson’s regulation from Monday turned out to be a curveball: even though the regulation seemingly allows county public transport centers to dictate their own ticket prices, lives of transit centers will...

Estonia to have only a few delivery wards in a decade’s time

04.05.2018, 6:00

Minister of Health and Labor Riina Sikkut (35) finds that the medical system will have to start thinking about how to bring patients to major centers soon, as it is cheaper than maintaining a hospital in every county center.

Cornerstone of memorial to victims of Communism laid at Maarjame in Tallinn

04.05.2018, 5:58

The cornerstone for the memorial to victims of Communism and officers to be built at Maarjamae in Tallinn, the memorial to be completed by fall 2018 will cost approximately 6.6 million euros.

Estonian govt announces snap exercise for 223 reservists

03.05.2018, 3:50

The Estonian government decided to call up 223 reservists to the Okas (Quill) short-notice exercise on Thursday which will take place during the Siil (Hedgehog) large-scale exercise of the defense forces.

Political manifesto: Estonia 200 needs bold leaders

03.05.2018, 2:26

We will elect a new Riigikogu in ten months’ time and with it communicate our guidelines as to what kind of development we want for Estonia as voters.

Reiljan building unique Arctic railroad in Russia

02.05.2018, 2:19

Estonian Yuri Reiljan, who was responsible for the construction of Olympic structures in Sochi, is in charge of a new major project in Russia: the construction of one of the northernmost railroads in the world and a major bridge near Russia’s main natural...

Siil military exercise to kick off in Estonia

02.05.2018, 12:52

Members of the Estonian defense forces, Kaitseliit (Defense League) volunteers, members of the women's arm of Kaitseliit, police and rescue personnel, and military from allied and partner nations, altogether some 15,000 personnel, are about to practice the...

Civil war: effects of losing 70 pharmacies

30.04.2018, 12:10

That up to 70 pharmacies will be closed all over Estonia inside the next two years is seen by one side as a long-awaited quality boost for the Estonian drugstore market and by the other as a blow to availability of medicines and a shameless steamrolling of...

Con artists taking advantage of Estonia’s e-reputation

27.04.2018, 3:03

E-voting, e-tax board, e-residency – we are a digital country and proud of it! That is the wave our leaders have been riding for years. Now, we find ourselves in a situation where our positive IT image does us a disservice.

Toomas Asser elected rector of University of Tartu

26.04.2018, 4:28

The 263-member electoral council of the University of Tartu on Thursday elected Toomas Asser, professor of neurosurgery, as the university's rector for the next five years.

Yana Toom: I’m attempting to create clear pressure from Brussels

26.04.2018, 3:36

MEP Yana Toom (Center) admits that even though a member state’s citizenship policy is none of the EU’s business, her purpose is to spark pressure from Brussels so stateless persons could vote in EP elections. “And I will get there!”

Toom takes Kender to Brussels with radical message

26.04.2018, 3:30

MEP Yana Toom organized a petition for stateless persons to be able to participate in European Parliament elections and invited Kaur Kender to convey a radical message to Brussels.

Police looking for missing armed colleague near Tallinn

26.04.2018, 10:45

The police with large forces on Wednesday in Suurupi near Tallinn searched for a police officer, who is armed and has been missing since Monday.

Estonian ministry would make use of illegal workforce a criminal offense

25.04.2018, 4:26

In a bid to restrict the use of illegal labor, the Estonian Interior Ministry is planning to make the use of illegal labor a criminal offense, increase the rates of fine for businesses, enable the imposition of a prohibition on business and a prohibition to...

Wolf picked national animal over hedgehog

24.04.2018, 4:19

After months of debate and arguments, the wolf, who is perhaps the most controversial wild animal inhabiting our forests, was finally chosen as Estonia’s national animal yesterday.

Pressure on state to let in more foreign labor

24.04.2018, 4:13

Enterprise organizations are putting increased pressure on the state to alleviate immigration quotas and make support available for the hiring of foreign labor in fields where labor shortage is most acute.

Conscript injured during training

24.04.2018, 2:55

A conscript of the Kuperjanov infantry battalion sustained injuries when a piece of ordnance believed to be an unexploded round of a grenade launcher went off during a bushfire. 

Driver who hit conscripts in hit-and-run turns himself in

23.04.2018, 12:53

The driver who hit two conscripts standing on the roadside in the 59th kilometer of the Tallinn-Parnu-Ikla road and then fled the scene on Saturday turned himself in to the police on Sunday and was taken under arrest.

Reform retains lead despite rating decline

23.04.2018, 12:22

The opposition Estonian Reform Party has retained its almost ten percentage point lead over the Center Party, senior member of the ruling three-party coalition, despite a four percentage point drop in its rating, it appears from the outcome of a poll taken by...

Kemerovo disaster could happen in Estonia

23.04.2018, 12:16

Examples of documents that list experts who have never assessed the safety of a building and are not aware their names have been used can also be found in Estonia.

Convicted spy Petrov: I’m basically a defector

20.04.2018, 5:17

Convicted spy, Russian Jiu-Jitsu trainer Mikhail Petrov says that he spied for the FSB in Estonia in 2011-2013. Petrov says he escaped to Estonia using a visa last summer to avoid going to prison in Russia. He had photographic evidence of surveillance activity...

Metropolitan Cornelius dies, bishop Lazarus to perform duties for now

20.04.2018, 11:13

Head of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Cornelius, passed away on Thursday at the age of 93 and until a new metropolitan has been elected, Narva and Peipsiveere bishop Lazarus will perform the duties of metropolitan.

Police concentrating on criminal organizations

19.04.2018, 4:30

Former murder detective, Director of the Police and Boarder Guard Board Elmar Vaher talks about how his former colleagues from the central criminal police reached a new level in unmasking criminal organizations and the background of several exciting...