Estonian package delivery robot to feed US campuses

21.08.2019, 4:46

Estonian package delivery robots manufacturer Starship Technologies has raised €40 million from foreign investors and plans to grow tenfold by conquering university campuses in America.

Kõlvart working on new city media

21.08.2019, 4:44

The days of the decade-old Tallinn Television (TTV) seem to be numbered. Postimees’ information suggests the city is considering consolidating TTV and newspapers Pealinn, Stolitsa and Raepress.

Estonia should not choose sides in Europe

19.08.2019, 1:20

A dialogue of mutes over whether Estonia’s reputation has already been (irreversibly) damaged or not gets us nowhere, columnist Kalev Stoicescu writes

Reform taking away Ratas’ leverage over EKRE

19.08.2019, 10:58

The recent attempt by the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) to fire Police and Border Guard Board chief Elmar Vaher initially brought a smile to the opposition’s face – the coalition conservatives are doing more to dismantle the government than the...

Helme tried to fire the police chief by overstepping his authority

16.08.2019, 2:59

The minister of the interior’s much unexpected attempt yesterday to dismiss by overstepping his authority Elmar Vaher, the director general of the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA), turned into a total confusion by the evening, full of loud and...

Hard race for real estate funding

15.08.2019, 4:08

As the autumn state budget talks are coming up, the government decided to reduce its September work load and settle the state real instate investment plans this week.

The bear Prosha from Pskov was caught and taken to zoo

15.08.2019, 3:02

Early Wednesday morning a vet and a group of hunters caught one of the bears wandering in Valga county. The young male bear Prosha was brought to Tallinn Zoo by morning and preparations are in progress to return him to Russia.

Isamaa and Center Party quarrel over their promises

14.08.2019, 6:56

Representatives of the Center Party, EKRE and Isamaa coalition, back from their summer vacation, asserted after the day-long meeting on Monday essentially the same that they had written in the coalition agreement already in April: the promises regarding the...

NATO general: battalions have been developing like three puddles

12.08.2019, 2:38

The NATO advance battalions in the Baltics are fine, but they have developed like three separate puddles, admits General James Everard, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

Russian helicopter base on Hogland island poses no direct threat to Estonia – experts

09.08.2019, 4:27

Experts agree that Russia’s recent decision to establish a helicopter base on Hogland island 55 kilometers from Estonia’s coast is meant as a demonstration of power.

Amazon’s Estonian subsidiary veiled in secret

09.08.2019, 4:23

The US retail giant Amazon established approximately a month ago its Estonian subsidiary Amazon Data Services Estonia OÜ, which leads to a conclusion that the concern plans to set up a data center here or offer cloud services. But the world’s largest online...

Leave for fathers extended to 30 days

08.08.2019, 4:07

Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik signed a regulation yesterday extending the ten-day leave granted to the father of a newborn to 30 days. Although the amendment is now certain, the new system will only apply to those whose child is born after July 1,...

Helme: revenue from hard liquor excise has increased threefold

08.08.2019, 4:04

Minister of Finance Martin Helme announced via the social media that the receipts from alcohol excise duty have increased by 40 percent in July as compared with July 1018. The increase of revenue from hard liquor excise was as high as 174 percent or almost...

Ministry of Social Affairs sues Innove

07.08.2019, 5:26

The foundation Innove, which mediates EU support funds, is reclaiming more than 350,000 euros from the Ministry of Social Affairs, which was allocated a couple of years ago for support services with handicapped children. The ministry refuses to repay the sum...

New health centers have trouble finding family doctors

07.08.2019, 5:23

Health centers being established or already operating are facing a situation where they cannot hire as many family physicians as they had initially hoped. In the worst case this may result in a recourse reaching hundreds of thousands of euros.

Thirsty Finns helped Tallink break the record

06.08.2019, 3:01

While the number of Tallink passengers has been declining recently, July saw the record number of all times and the amount of alcohol purchased aboard the ferries has also skyrocketed after the reduction of the alcohol excise tax. It seems that the Finns are...

September will decide the fate of Ratas’ government

06.08.2019, 2:56

“The cup has long been full; it is already dripping into the bucket,” a high-ranking Center Party member told Postimees. This sentence concerns the statements of EKRE politicians, which, contrary to the expectations, have not changed after joining the...

How 15 pupils fooled the prosecutor’s office

05.08.2019, 2:48

What could compensate for harmed reputation and wasted time? “Nothing,” says Ale Sprenk, former director of Krabi school. “I just want to forget it.”

North Estonia Public Transport Center to terminate contracts with Atko

02.08.2019, 4:03

The North Estonia Public Transport Center on Thursday decided that bus route servicing agreements entered into with bus operator Atko will be terminated.

End of a Jõgeva man’s road in a Polish mass grave

02.08.2019, 3:53

The fate of a young man from Jõgeva County, Meinhard Edberg Ratassepp, became clear 74 years after he died when his remains, buried in a WWII mass grave, were unearthed in the Polish town of Nysa.

New requirement to hike price of diesel

01.08.2019, 3:09

On January 1, a new regulation will enter into force, requiring fuel retailers to reduce their CO2 footprint by 6 percent. Failure to comply is punishable by a monthly penalty of up to €400,000.

Muhu Leib to move into Selvers

31.07.2019, 11:50

Estonian bakery Muhu Leib has been forced to close several shops on the mainland as the company finds itself owing tax arrears. CEO Martin Sepping admitted the firm bit off more than it can chew by opening so many shops.

Estonian captain looking at release

31.07.2019, 11:46

Estonian fishing boat captain Rezo Kimmel, who was detained on suspicions of illegal fishing near Kaliningrad in early May, can hope to be released from house arrest in a Kaliningrad hotel to await trial in Estonia after his lawyer was told the conditions of...

Number of drunk drivers falling slowly

29.07.2019, 11:45

The police caught a record-breaking number of drunk drivers on Estonian roads this June. The last time so many drunk drivers were caught in a single month was six years ago.

EKRE firmly in second place in party ratings

26.07.2019, 2:39

While the opposition Reform Party maintains its considerable lead over other Estonian political parties in ratings, the junior government force Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) is firmly holding on to second place, it appears from a survey commissioned by...

Trial of men accused of kidnapping Estonian cyclists in 2011 starts in Lebanon

25.07.2019, 7:44

The first hearing of a case concerning men accused of kidnapping a group of Estonian cyclists in Lebanon eight years ago was held in Beirut on Tuesday, with the suspects also mentioning a ransom in connection with the case, Estonian public broadcaster ERR...

Maasikas asks government about persistence of foreign policy course

24.07.2019, 11:31

Deputy secretary general of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Minister for EU Affairs Matti Maasikas asked Prime Minister Jüri Ratas and Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu on social media whether, considering the recent words of Interior...

Estonian-French cooperation put to the test in Mali

24.07.2019, 11:29

As irony would have it, the French army published a social media post on how Estonians have served with them on Operation Barkhane in Mali the day before yesterday.

Estonian fishing boat captain to remain in detention in Russia

23.07.2019, 3:23

The decision made by a Kaliningrad court on Monday to extend the detention of an Estonian fishing boat captain in a Kaliningrad hotel likely means that the Russian border authorities have decided to detain him until he pleads guilty to intentional illegal...

Raivo Vare: Estonia suffering from problems of a wealthy society

23.07.2019, 2:49

Businessman and statesman Raivo Vare told Russian Postimees in an interview that Minister of the Interior Mart Helme’s plan of laying down tougher regulations for hiring foreigners could have unforeseen consequences. More so as Vare finds Estonia is...

Paldiski loses specialist doctors

22.07.2019, 1:16

An incompetent tender has created a situation where two Harju County cities have lost access to critical medical services. The health insurance fund acknowledges the problem and is in crisis talks with major hospitals, while no quick solution is on the horizon...

Father took abducted children to Russia

19.07.2019, 3:52

This is a story about an Estonian citizen and how her former husband, a Russian citizen, abducted her children. The mother tried to collect her children from North Caucasus – a place the Estonian foreign ministry suggests you avoid – but ended up being...

Easing up on quick loans feared to cause more problems than solve

18.07.2019, 3:59

A proposal by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to relax advertising restrictions on loan providers is rousing suspicions among politicians and debt counselors alike as it means rules will also become less strict for providers...

Interior ministry to make life difficult for subcontractors

18.07.2019, 2:56

Minister of the Interior Mart Helme’s plan to make it more difficult to hire short-term foreign labor has caused confusion in the construction sector as participants were not asked for their opinion.

London’s best taking on the world

17.07.2019, 2:52

Founder and CEO of Monese Norris Koppel was just elected EY entrepreneur of the year for London and South East England. The company’s plans go beyond the United Kingdom as Monese continues to grow all over Europe.

Quick loan ad restrictions eased

17.07.2019, 2:49

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MKM) wants to lift strict advertising restrictions currently in place for quick credit providers that were laid down three years ago when Estonia decided to contain fast loans. The ministry now finds it is...

Ten-year-old takes own life in Sillamäe

16.07.2019, 1:51

On Wednesday night, a ten-year-old boy took his own life in Sillamäe after allegedly being bullied by his peers. The police had gotten involved on two occasions but trusted the children’s parents and social workers with monitoring the situation.

Organizer dismisses intoxicated medics concern

16.07.2019, 1:47

The Alarm Center received a call from the security chief of the I Land Sound music festival in Saaremaa at 3.06 on Saturday morning to request a new team of medics for the festival. The head of security told the center they were forced to send the previous...

Detained Estonian captain: Why do they need me here?

15.07.2019, 11:49

An Estonian fishing boat captain detained in a Kaliningrad hotel cannot understand why the Russian border guard is keeping him after the company that operates the vessel posted bail of €700,000 and the boat Roxen and three other crewmen were allowed to...

Client information leaked from Olerex

12.07.2019, 11:58

Fuel retailer Olerex discovered on Monday that criminals have exploited a security weakness in its system to gain access to information of roughly 100,000 transactions, including names and document data of clients. Even though the vulnerability was patched by...

Tallinn shelves main street project

12.07.2019, 11:51

There seems to be no quick and favorable solution in sight regarding the Tallinn main street project as opposing sides keep criticizing each other’s approach. Mayor Mihhal Kõlvart believes the city should tackle other infrastructure projects first, while...

President of Latvia: Integration based on official language and culture

11.07.2019, 1:56

If the first visit of the Estonian president usually takes them to Finland and the president of Lithuania usually visits Poland first, Latvian heads of state are in the habit of visiting their northern neighbors before others.

A seafaring country’s self-determination

11.07.2019, 1:24

An Estonian marching band and Director of the Office of the President, experienced sailor Tiit Riisalo will be seeing off independent Estonia’s first maritime expedition from Kronstadt today, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica...

Officials must solve problems, not process them

10.07.2019, 7:46

Some officials prefer to process people’s problems instead of solving them, Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise says, referring to a problem with a family’s polluted well water. This kind of behavior cannot be excused through fear of creating a precedent of...

Racism at school led to principal leaving

10.07.2019, 3:37

A few weeks before the end of the schoolyear, the education ministry received a letter concerning racism in a leading Estonian international school.

Ratas confirms Estonia has no excise agreement with Latvia

09.07.2019, 11:22

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas refuted his Latvian colleague’s claim, according to which Estonia is in breach of an excise duty agreement with its southern neighbor.

Troubles of family with polluted well water continue

09.07.2019, 11:17

Postimees recently wrote about a couple living in the village of Kassinurme in Jõgeva County who have not been able to draw water from their well for years due to the water’s high nitrate content of 105 milligrams per liter, well in excess of levels deemed...

Song Festival Grounds sold out

08.07.2019, 12:12

Yesterday afternoon, when the number of people attending the song festival had grown to over 100,000, the organizers made a historical decision to stop selling tickets.

Peeter Perens: I was holding back tears throughout

08.07.2019, 12:09

Goosebumps never left head choirmaster of the song festival Peeter Perens yesterday as every song, conductor and singer were like his children whose performance he was feeling with every breath.

Bullet fired in Tallinn flew to Germany

05.07.2019, 11:06

A German family discovered a bullet among their belongings when unpacking after returning from a trip to Tallinn. The bullet had ended up in the family’s luggage on June 21 when a taxi they were taking to the airport was shot in Telliskivi district.